• Medieval Monday
  • The Medieval Church Sorta did Quantum Physics

    It’s the strangest feeling to be reading about the Medieval Catholic Church trying to stamp out heresy and accidentally running smack into quantum physics. Trust me. It’s a mindfuck. Let me give you the Cliff Notes background. All of this is taken from my current bedtime nonfiction reading, “God’s Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid […]

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  • Daphne Lamb Guest Post: Rules for Dating in the Apocalypse

    So the end of the world happened and you and a few others are left alone to sort things out. Naturally you’ve got to keep things up and running and that means repopulating the planet, but you can’t rush into that. Just because society doesn’t exist doesn’t mean there aren’t some rules to romance – […]

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  • Guest Post by Daphne Lamb: How to Stay Calm During the Apocalypse

    It sort of seems like there’s a new threat to bring about the End Times everyday. SARS? Not a threat if you avoid breathing outside air. Ecoli? The Nineties are back in vogue. Ebola? Sooo 2015. Now we’ve got the Zika virus, which may have come from Brazil, but with a few pregnant women in […]

  • Life
  • The Business of Being a Writer with ADHD

    Lazy. Lack of work ethic. Slow. Procrastinator. Distractible. Squirrel. Unproductive. Confused. Frustrated. Angry. Panic. Anxiety. Late. Overwhelmed. Yes, that could be any of our to-do lists. But if you suffer from ADHD, you know that no matter how many planners, apps, systems, and timer tricks you use, you will always feel behind and inadequate. Today, […]