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Your Best Age is Now

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Your Best Age is Now

Your Best Age is Now 


Quickly, give us the title and genre of your book and a 30-word or less tagline:


In Your Best Age is Now, I explore how midlife is not the beginning of a decline, but in fact a very exciting time in life. It’s the perfect time to pursue and actualize your dreams.
Who is your intended audience and why should they read your book?
My book is for people who have entered midlife and want to continue to feel that their life goals and dreams are still possible. I’ve been told by younger readers, as well as older readers that they also relate to the message in my book. So, I guess the book can resonate with anyone who wants to resist the idea that there has to be an expiration date to the things we want to do in life or who we want to become.
How did you come up with the title of your book?
I follow this European makeup artist on Instagram and one day in one of her photo montages, she had a photo of a statement that said, “My Best Age is Now”. I shared this find with my team at Harper One and then we came up with the title, Your Best Age is Now. I knew when we came up with Your Best Age is Now, it was the perfect title for my book.
Tell us a little bit about your cover art. Who designed it? What is the significance of that particular image?
The cover art includes a photo of me and was designed by Harper One. They really chose everything about the cover and just got me to sign off and approve of it. I suppose Harper One wanted people to know that I was the voice behind the book. This cover certainly emphasized that point.
If you could change ONE thing about your book, what would it be? Why?
I think I would include more male themes and stories into my book. Your Best Age is Now is a little female focused because at the time I thought the female audience would be most interested in buying this kind of book. I certainly don’t want the men to feel left out, because this theme is just as true for men as it is for women.
Give us an interesting fun fact or a few about your book.
I had my mother read my book before I sent it in for its final edit. She was a tougher editor than my editor at Harper One. One passage she took issue with was when I said that women can even get tattoos to celebrate their rebellious side, if they wanted to during midlife. She felt strongly that this idea should not be in the book. I eventually took it out because a focus group agreed with her. I also took out the words rebel and YOLO and changed it to moxy and You Only Live Once, because my original words were thought to send a dubious message. I wanted the message in the book to be as clear and non-controversial as possible.
What other books are similar to your own? What makes them alike?
The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife by Marianne Williamson and Passages by Gail Sheehy are similar in feel to my book. At least I’d like to think so. Both books address midlife from a new and fresh perspective: one that doesn’t demean midlife or the possibilities that can happen during this time.
Do you have any unique talents or hobbies?
I do have a love of jewelry, which has inspired several personal jewelry lines. I created a cloud inspirational necklace, which I sold on QVC. Then I had a jewelry line on ShopNBC for a period of time. I also created an independent jewelry line, which I named Vise Mari. Vise Mari means dream big in Romanian. This line was influenced and inspired by my love of vintage jewelry.
What can we expect from you in the future?
Well, I’m hoping there will be more books. I’d love to have my own radio show, podcast or TV show. I’d like to continue contributing in all of the ways that I already am: being on National TV as a spokesperson, giving speeches, and continuing to spread information I feel needs to be shared in the world. Essentially, I’d love to continue doing what I’m already doing, but turn it up a notch.
Do you have any tips for readers or advice for other writers trying to get published?
I think the first tip is to write about what you feel passionately about. Also to research what other books have already been written about this topic, so you have an idea what you’re bringing that’s new and different to this space. Then, build up your social media following. Book publishers like to know the book they invest in is going to have a way of being marketed. If you can present publishers with a large audience who would be interested in buying what you’re selling, you’re half way there.
Is there anything else you’d like to say?
I just want to thank you for this opportunity to speak with you and your audience. I hope you find my book inspiring and helpful on your journey to creating whatever it is you’d like to create in your life.



Although we’ve been conditioned to think “middle aged” is practically a four-letter word, the realities of women in midlife today are far different than what our mothers experienced. Women in their 40s, 50s, and even 60s are living younger, vibrant lives. But influenced by our youth-obsessed culture, we fear that when we hit midlife, we stop being relevant and no longer have options—that it’s simply too late for us.

Contradicting long-ingrained beliefs, Robi Ludwig draws on myth-busting data from scientific research and on her experience as a therapist to show midlife is not the beginning of our decline—it is actually a time to pursue our dreams. In Your Best Age Is Now, she offers specific advice on how to change our perception of this next life phase and make the best of it by:
·      Letting go of stress to create a more balanced life;
·      Identifying false thinking that is holding us back;
·      Taking charge of our love life and relationships;
·      Staying relevant in the workplace or starting new, exciting careers;
·      Becoming more spiritual and leading a life of gratitude; and more.
Your Best Age Is Now provides the guidance you need to reject the status quo, become more “you” than ever before, and find the kind of happiness you never thought possible.
“A must-read for any woman who fears her prime is in her past. Ludwig’s practical and perspective-changing advice will help you embrace midlife’s unique opportunities and navigate challenges with ease, so you can live your fullest life yet.”—Holly Phillips, M.D., general internist, author of The Exhaustion Breakthrough, and CBS News medical contributor

“Every woman needs to read this book. Robi Ludwig will convince you that a youthful mindset, plus new adventures and opportunities and even new or deeper love, are all highly possible, no matter what the number on your birth certificate is.”—Bonnie Fuller, president and editor-in-chief of HollywoodLife.com
“Robi Ludwig shows us how to feel ageless, beautiful, and relevant. A superb book that will shift and transform your beliefs about midlife and aging.” —Laura Geller, founder of Laura Geller Beauty and board member of the Cosmetic Executive Women Foundation
“In this revolutionary and riveting book, Robi Ludwig brilliantly helps women break through the disabling myths we’ve been fed about midlife. She redefines it, using science and inspiring stories from her practice, empowering us to enjoy this truly fantastic time of life.”—Lisa Bloom, civil rights attorney, legal analyst for NBC News and Avvo.com, andNew York Times bestselling author of Think
“Robi Ludwig nails it! She makes it clear that midlife is the time for wise, effective women to advance the whole damn species! Robi makes us roar!”—Dr. Wendy Walsh, Emmy-nominated former cohost of The Doctors and CNN commentator



Robi Ludwig, Psy.D. is a nationally known psychotherapist, award-winning reporter, and author. She is a relationship contributor for Investigation Discovery Network’s Scorned, and has hosted TLC’s reality show One Week to Save Your Marriage and GSN’s Without Prejudice? Dr. Ludwig is a regular guest on CNN, Fox News, and Headline News, discussing psychological and lifestyle issues as well as the criminal mind. She has appeared on Today, Entertainment Tonight20/20, World News TonightNightlineThe View, Fox and Friends, Steve Harvey, The Wendy Williams Show, and is on the medical board and a contributor for BELLA Magazine. She also writes for the Huffington Post. Dr. Ludwig lives in New York City.
Social media links: Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/drrobiludwig



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Why Eowyn is Better than Arwen

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Why Eowyn is Better than Arwen
Eowyn in LORT, courtesy of New Line Cinema.

Eowyn in LOTR, courtesy of New Line Cinema.

Don’t get me wrong. I love love love Lord of the Rings (LOTR) by J.R.R. Tolkien. Read all the books. Saw all the movies. But seriously. Can we please talk about the friend-zoning of Eowyn?

I know y’all love Faramir, and he’s a good dude. I don’t disagree. But, Eowyn should have absolutely ended up with Aragorn. What makes this whole thing even worse is that in the original drafts of LOTR, Tolkien actually had Eowyn and Aragorn together in the end. He also killed Eowyn, which thankfully he thought better of.

Growing up, I was a total tomboy in terms of the games I liked to play and what I liked to watch. I was all about Voltron (Lions, though Vehicles were okay), Robotech (OMG LISA HAYES IS A BAMF), and GI Joe (Scarlet all the way). Even in these cartoons, though, the girls were never badass enough for me. I used to imagine them having just as much action as the guys and being the ones who saved the day.

Imagine my delight at reading about Eowyn in LOTR. Here was a chick who was not only gorgeous and a princess (because I was still a girl), but she also was a warrior and a rebel. Yes, you can argue that there may have been dereliction of duty on her part in disobeying Theoden and not staying behind to take care of the people of Rohan. But, hey, how many guys in fiction do the same thing and it’s totally cool because the story, yo?

LOTR Eowyn > LOTR Arwen

Images from New Line Cinema.

Images from New Line Cinema.

Let’s get down to business and just lay it out there, shall we?

  • Eowyn grew up as royalty with hands-on experience in ruling and managing people. Arwen? *crickets*
  • Eowyn can ride and wield a sword like a BAMF. Arwen? *crickets* (no, the movie does NOT count here)
  • When Aragorn sets out on a perilous mission (the Paths of the Dead), Eowyn is willing to ride with him to fight and die by his side if need be. When Aragorn sets out on a perilous mission (the whole Ring quest), Arwen embroiders him a little flag that he doesn’t even get until the end.
  • What’s that? Arwen is willing to give up her immortality? Well, Eowyn is willing to die for him, too. Just because one lifespan is longer doesn’t make it any more or less valuable. It’s the intent.
  • When all hope for love is lost, Eowyn doesn’t just mope around and fade. She straps on a helm and a shield, grabs a hobbit, and goes and turns the tide of battle.
  • Eowyn has empathy. Merry is bummed that he can’t go, and she totally gets it. She even brings him along because she knows what it’s like to be left behind. Arwen? *crickets*
  • Aragorn and Arwen go way, way back. Sure. Kind of like we all had that crazy summer infatuation in high school. Then, you grow up and see it for what it was. Plus, Elrond is kind of a dick to Aragorn about dating his daughter. “Sure, you can date Arwen, when Mordor freezes over – literally.” Theoden would have been totally cool with Aragorn and Eowyn.
  • Eomer calls Aragorn on the carpet for leading his sister on, just like a good big brother should when a guy dicks around with his sister’s heart. Arwen’s brothers? *crickets*
  • Arwen’s big emotional choice is Daddy vs. Boyfriend. Eowyn is all, “whatever, I do what I want!” and shows up with some ovaries of steel.
  • Let’s just be honest here. What do you think Gondorians really felt about having an elf queen? I mean, not to be speciesist, but there probably would have been a segment of the population that was like, “We’re human, shouldn’t we have a human queen?” LIKE EOWYN????

Eogorn vs. Farawyn or even Borowyn

If you have to put Eowyn with a guy at the end of LOTR, Faramir’s not the only option. Let’s take a look at the real cast of Bachelorette Middle Earth.


I do like Faramir. He’s just kinda milquetoast. His moral quandaries just don’t grab me. Putting Eowyn with Faramir is selling out just to give her some kind of happy ending.

I mean really. Did this chick ever once mention that she liked gardening?

Eowyn’s volte-face from warrior to healer does carry emotional weight, and it’s not a unique response from those who have lived through the horrors of battle. It’s just that it happens too fast, too easily, and most importantly, totally doesn’t fit with her character arc.

Yes, she got glory and wanted love. But, I just don’t feel that what she wanted was the kind of happy ending that turned her into the June Cleaver of Middle Earth. Eowyn was meant to rule, to lead, to fight. To stick her with a Victory Garden as her only goal is to sell her out and to sell short the power of female ambition and women’s need to achieve.

So, while Faramir’s a good guy, and I’m sure they’re very happy together, it leaves me totally meh. Though…I wouldn’t mind that starry blue cloak.


Okay, so Boromir dies in book 1. Small detail. But, seriously, can’t you just already feel the zinging chemistry between Eowyn and Boromir? Both fierce, ambitious, and fighters, Borowyn would have been HAWT.

I could see Boromir being Aragorn’s Steward of Gondor, and I could see Eowyn filling the role of Steward’s wife and playing politics, managing her parts of the job, and fulfilling her destiny to be a powerful woman. I can see Eowyn being the woman who actually handles the queen’s job while Arwen hangs out in her garden, popping out little Aragorns and embroidering shit.

Boromir is a powerful, passionate, conflicted character, just like Eowyn. While their union might not have brought the psychological peace that Farawyn does, I just feel that it would have been more realistic, more exciting, and frankly, more of what Eowyn would have truly wanted in her life.


New Line Cinema

New Line Cinema

Honestly, think about it. It’s not just that Eowyn wants renown as a warrior. She wants acknowledgement of her power as a woman. She WANTS TO BE A QUEEN. Instead, she ends up growing flowers in Ithilien? Chuh.

Aragorn really needed to wake up and smell the coffee. Eowyn was perfect for him. A powerful woman who understood court politics, was used to having a ruling position, was human, and loved him to the point of self-sacrifice…I mean, seriously.

In all honesty, Aragorn could have used that jolt of passion from Eowyn. It would have been like a shot of emotional espresso. Might have made him less grim about pursuing the whole King-of-Gondor thing. Eowyn was also unafraid to call him out when he was being an ass, just like a good friend/partner/spouse should. Remember when he told her to stay behind and do her duty? Can you see him saying that to Theoden or Eomer?

“All your words are but to say: you are a woman, and your part is in the house. But when the men have died in battle and honour, you have leave to be burned in the house, for the men will need it no more. But I am of the House of Eorl and not a serving-woman. I can ride and wield blade, and I do not fear either pain or death.” (J.R.R. Tolkien)

BOOM! Kings need honest advisors, and Eowyn would have been exactly that.

Let’s not forget that Eowyn loved him when he was just a stranger and a captain of soldiers. She was willing to defy everything and everyone and go with him even if he wasn’t a king. Arwen? *crickets*

I am kind of pissed at Aragorn for dismissing Eowyn’s feelings for him as an infatuation with a shadow. How the hell does he know? How dare he decide for her what her feelings are? *shakes tiny fist at Tolkien*

Just Eowyn

At the end of the day, I would have totally been happy for Eowyn to end up as just Eowyn. Not married to anyone but choosing her own life. She could have led a army of shieldmaidens in Rohan. She could have run off to be a mercenary. She could have stayed single and taken lovers as needed/wanted. She could have had a chance to learn more about herself and fall in love with herself before she fell in love with any man.

Because sometimes, it’s about the #relationshipgoals you have with yourself.

New Line Cinema.

New Line Cinema.

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