Developmental Editing


Developmental editing with Cait Reynolds will push you to polish and perfect your book in ways you never imagined, all while making you a better writer!


Anybody can run your manuscript through Grammarly and catch the basics. It’s important not to conflate line editing (which is the correction of word choice, grammar, and the nitty gritty of every single paragraph) with developmental editing (which is the overall assessment of the story, characters, themes, technical structure of the plot from pacing to logical sequencing, backstory, and world-building)

Now, ask yourself if  you have a real developmental editor who will take the time to:

  • Think about your story and analyze its strengths and weaknesses;
  • Give you clear, actionable suggestions for making your plot stronger;
  • Show you how to tighten prose, plot, and pacing;
  • Spot plot holes with an eagle eye for detail;
  •  Follow and evaluate the growth arcs of your protagonist, antagonist, and supporting characters;
  • Study your writing style and provide thoughtful, achievable feedback on your craft and how to improve;
  • Do all this and give it back to you in a detailed and comprehensive form that you can go back to over and over again?

If the answer to any one of these is no, then you need the Picky B*tch Developmental Editing Service!

In this package, you will get a full written review of your manuscript with both an overview and chapter-by-chapter analysis as well as one hour of phone/video consulting with yours truly.

In an over-crowded publishing world with readers who are getting more and more snowed under with every new marketing gimmick, the ONLY thing that will help long-term to increase your sales and build your fan base is the quality of your stories. Let me help you make them not just good, but GREAT!


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