Myths and monsters.
What if you had to believe the impossible…then fall in love with him?

Stephanie Starr thinks her senior year of high school is going to be like every other: an ordinary kind of awful stuck between a group of mean girls and her mother’s overprotective mania.

Everything changes when gorgeous Haley Smith walks into her life. She doesn’t understand why he wants her so badly and pushes him away. But, Haley won’t give up. He can’t give up. There’s a shadow running through his blood tied to a curse in hers, and time is running out for them both.

Faced with rogue gods and deadly prophesies, Stephanie must survive the ultimate test in order to uncover the truth and save her mother, her friends, and her town. Nothing can prepare her for what she discovers, and no one can save her from her fate.

Except Haley.




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Angel Hands

Sometimes, it is best to begin at the end.

Angel Hands, by Cait Reynolds, begins at the end of The Phantom of the Opera, revealing, for the first time, the true story behind Leroux’s fantastical tale and the real fate of the Phantom himself.

When the Opera de Paris is purchased and renovated, years after a mysterious fire nearly destroyed it, the Phantom finds himself unexpectedly resurrected – in the form of a young boy hired by the manager’s daughter to play pranks on the cast, crew, and audience. After all, the return of the infamous ‘Opera Ghost’ can only be good for ticket sales, and Mireille Dubienne is determined to see her father’s investment become profitable.

Plain, shrewd, and proud, Mireille pours the rage of her disappointed hopes and looming spinsterhood into helping her father manage the Opera de Paris and making it a success. What she doesn’t count on is the real ‘Opera Ghost’ deciding he no longer wishes to be an understudy in his own domain, the theater that Mireille believes is hers.

The Phantom and Mireille push each other to the limits of their cunning to control and manipulate each other, with no game too low to play. With each passing day, the stakes get higher, until surrender is no longer an option for the Phantom or Mireille.

Every trick and betrayal drives them toward a startling truth that will change more than one life forever: you can’t love what you hate, but you can desire it.



Erotica (18+)


Ava Bell takes a cottage in the secluded town of Blue Moon, Maine, hoping for peace and quiet so she can finish her dissertation.

What she gets are three brothers—Robert, Declan, and Sean Molineaux—who tempt her body, heart, and soul, but who also keep a dangerous secret.

When an old darkness born of an old hatred threatens Ava, she must turn to the brothers she cannot resist but cannot trust.

As uncanny coincidences become deadly attacks, Robert, Declan, and Sean fight to protect the woman that they love, the woman meant for them.

Every hour brings her closer to the heart of the fatal secrets of Blue Moon, and every minute with Robert, Declan, and Sean awakens in her a fiery need that burns through all her defenses.

Can Ava discover the answer to a centuries-old mystery before its dark consequences destroy her one chance for happiness?



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Blacke & Blue

A serial killer called the Butcher of Bangor is terrorizing Maine.

When the killing hits too close to home, Blue Moon sheriff Ian McDade is forced to bring in FBI Special Agent Trisha Blacke.

Sparks fly high as she locks horns with the tall, intimidating Ian. Shockingly, she finds herself also burning with desire for his golden-eyed brother, Ger. Ian, Trisha, and Ger come together in an intense, volatile affair, stealing passion between life and death.

She needs Ian’s hard, hot brand of passion as much as Ger’s powerful, protective lovemaking. Through the haze of pleasure, she begins to suspect that Ian and Ger know more about the killings than they are letting on. Pieces of the puzzle start falling into place, one by deadly one.

Sheriff Ian McDade is protecting something…or someone, and the killer’s profile points directly at Ger.

Can she stay alive long enough to catch the killer and save her heart from being broken forever?



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Portrait of Desire

1901 promises to be the dawn of a new age, and Vassar-educated socialite Charlotte Benington pursues her dream of painting in Paris, France.

Despite the constant matchmaking machinations of her chaperone, she has no interest in such ordinary matters as romance, love and, worst of all, marriage. All that changes when Paul de Sainte enters her life and tips her narrow world upside down.

The handsome, aristocratic, passionate Paul is also an artist, and he sets out to challenge Charlotte’s fundamental beliefs about life, love, art—and desire. Charlotte finds herself both attracted by Paul’s talent and frightened by the intensity of the hunger he awakens within her.

Passions run hot, and events spiral out of control when obsession turns dangerous. Paul captures his beautiful muse in a daring escapade, determined to make her his wife.

Will he be able to convince Charlotte that her true freedom lies in his arms…or will he scare her even further away?



Duet of Desire

Poetry. Fear. Sex. Death. Love. Murder. Music. Hate. Kindness. Revenge. Survival.

Elise Montfort, the haughty young opera diva, is the darling of Paris society with a talent that is only rivaled by her cynicism. Clever and sometimes cruel, Elise only looks out for herself, and with good reason. She has something to hide: a deadly secret from her past that could utterly ruin her.

A darkly erotic love affair with a handsome, mysterious marquis takes Elise to new heights of pleasure and challenges her heart as much as her body. Her jaded, morally ambivalent existence is suddenly jeopardized by the return of a dangerous man from her past who threatens to reveal her secret.

Elise finds herself forced to choose between her lover and her enemy, a decision tangled in a web of blackmail, scandal, heart-break and despair.

Can one have sympathy for the devil? Only if one remembers that the devil is but a fallen angel.