What You Should Know I Learned from #BEA16

I’m back from Book Expo America 2016 in Chicago, and there are some very exciting and some very meh things coming your way from the world of publishing in 2016 and 2017.

image9The most important thing is that I got to finally meet all The Fabulous Fictionistas in person (and the time space continuum didn’t rip open, but that’s probably because we didn’t try hard enough).

The sheer amount of brain power and shenanigans we all got up to together is astounding. And it’s only going to get worse. Better! I mean better.

This was my second year at BEA, and I was much better prepared. I was ready with my to-do list, my outfits (fashion forward always, even when carrying 20 lbs of books and wearing heels), and business goals. I got everything I wanted done and more. So much more. Both for myself and the TFF girls, there are some very, very good things happening.

As for the show itself, well, it felt smaller than last year, but that could be because of the change to Chicago instead of New York. On the upside, that meant that the lunch lines and dining areas were not impossibly crowded. On the downside, somehow, the line for the ladies room was not any shorter. ‘Splain that.

Most of what I looked at were romance, some YA, mystery, and nonfiction. The trend of good, literary, historical mysteries in the tradition of “The Poe Shadow” continues, and I picked up a few good ARCs on those. Paris is cautiously popping up more as a locale for these stories, as opposed to London, and also, the Gilded Age of New York offers a lot of scope for mayhem. I also picked up a couple of translated thrillers from around the world (Poland, China, Russia), and I’m super excited for those.

YA continues its march to dark, magical tales with a dash of angsty romance, and there was some beautiful cover art to be seen. Also very interesting were the Middle Grade books – some of which I picked up by mistake thinking their covers were YA. It seems like there was a big push this year for quality Middle Grade stories and artwork.

Romance was…romance. A lot of soft-focus covers, sentimental beach scenes, and impossibly adorable couples. Surprisingly, there was very little chick lit to be seen. A few of the big publishers did a couple of signings, but that was really it. Oh, and we mustn’t forget the beefcake historical Highlander/Duke/Rogue covers.

Eleanor Herman with Genevieve Raas, Sami-Jo Cairns, Daphne Lamb, and ME!

The Harlequin booth was always busy, but it had a pretty even split between YA and regular adult authors, and there are some really quality pieces coming out of Harlequin as they expand their purview. Watch for Eleanor Herman’s “Empire of Dust” – the sequel to “Legacy of Kings” – coming out in June. I’m almost done with the ARC for “Empire of Dust,” and it’s absolutely riveting! The Fabulous Fictionistas caught up with Eleanor before one of her signings. Her costumes for events are brilliant marketing, and it’s such a pleasure to talk with someone as smart and sassy as her!

Things that were kind of “meh” for me at BEA: I wish there were more non-fiction history and science books there, especially as ARCs. I’m a voracious reader of non-fiction, and it would have been nice to see some of the major publishers put out some love for their upcoming non-fiction that wasn’t memoir/self-help/cooking/humor. Also, I wish they didn’t have some of the sessions out there on the floor. I would have liked to attend, but because of my hearing issues, it would be almost impossible for me to drown out the floor noise to hear the speakers. It’s just a very distracting environment.

On the whole, though, no complaints! I got my book haul, and you had better be ready for a bunch of book reviews coming your way.


On a non-publishing note, I got to spend my birthday with my fellow Fictionistas and co-celebrate with Daphne Lamb (oh yeah, May 13 babies rock!). Hanging out with all of them in our suites was like college, only better. So much laughter, so many ideas, and so many jokes…including:

The number of times Cait told Kim to (lovingly) f*ck off: 18

The number of times Kim told Cait to (lovingly) f*ck off: 4

Dark Secrets are dark for a reason.

Group readings are the best.

LitQuest 2016

The TFF Swag-off


And best of all…the velour orgy love pit randomly in the hall of the hotel.

Scabies not included.
Scabies not included.

Daphne Lamb Guest Post: Rules for Dating in the Apocalypse

50SG Promo Graphic 1So the end of the world happened and you and a few others are left alone to sort things out. Naturally you’ve got to keep things up and running and that means repopulating the planet, but you can’t rush into that. Just because society doesn’t exist doesn’t mean there aren’t some rules to romance – and yes, there are still opportunities for that. So here are a few rules.

  1. Don’t Settle:  It’s a tempting hole to fall into. Lets say you’re a single lady stuck in a bunker with three other people and two of those are married and the third is a guy who is excited that his hobby of collecting women’s hair to make into sweaters is still a reality. It would certainly be the easy choice to make him the father of your children and the start of a new civilization, but hold on. Are you sure this is the man you want to wake up next to for the rest of your life? Building a new world is hard and he might not be the best partner for the job. If your gut says no, keep is casual and wait to see what’s around the corner in the next bunker.
  1. No More Waiting Game – if you like them, let them know:  You know how you’re trading whatever you have in your satchel, like a half used cherry flavored Chapstick for some squirrel meat from a cute guy? You both had a moment where there were sparks and some chemistry. You genuinely laughed at his joke about gluten free rodents. The question is, since you both said your goodbyes, how will you two get together? Don’t wait for him to make the first move, let him know you’re interested. He mentioned that he used to like to ski, perhaps mention that you two could go check out that rubble of buildings that people have been sliding down.
  1. Honesty is the best policy:  If you’re not into someone, simply let them know and let them know as soon as possible. Don’t worry about hurting someone’s feelings now, the longer you put it off, the worse things will be. Sure, he’s nice and prone to tears but its going to get really awkward if its ten years in the future and you’re now responsible for your three zombie children and his mother while he’s still crying about where his life went wrong. Cut it off now.
  1. Don’t Go All the Way:  Look, I get it. Your life is over, but you’re still breathing. Nothing is certain and you have no idea if you’ll be alive tomorrow. And here comes Prince or Princess Charming and they’re in the same survival mode as you. You bonded over how you used to have things and now you don’t. Don’t be fooled. Go for long term intimacy and partnership and not the survivalist Viking kind. You’ll thank me later when you’re not pregnant, you don’t have a disease, your food supply is intact and you have one less person in this broken world to hate.
  1. Your Standards Shift Based on How Attracted You Are to Someone:  As teenagers, we always fantasize about the titans of industry we’re destined to marry. As we get older and our feet get set closer and closer to the ground, we adjust those fantasies until they become “I hope I marry someone who owns a car.” The truth of the matter is that we tend to throw out any rules or red flags we have if the person in front of us is hot. Its easy to remember our dating priorities when the person you’re siting in front of has lost an eye due to a fight with someone over a package of Twinkies, but if he looks like Bradley Cooper, you’re probably willing to overlook the fact he took out someone’s eye for a package of Twinkies. Keep yourself strong and fight to find who he really is inside.
  1. Dating Success Often Comes Down to Dumb Luck:  It’s a sad fact, but its true. You can’t plan who you’re going to be with and who you’re going to be in a relationship, it will happen when you’re not looking for it. Mr. Right may be around the corner, but timing is everything. If you force a meeting a day early, it’ll throw everything off. So do yourself a favor. Keep your optimism for a better tomorrow alive, band together with your other survivors and push through whatever plague or robot uprising is going on. Staying alive is your priority and The One will come when you need it the most.

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Guest Post by Daphne Lamb: How to Stay Calm During the Apocalypse

50SOG_cv_HRIt sort of seems like there’s a new threat to bring about the End Times everyday. SARS? Not a threat if you avoid breathing outside air. Ecoli? The Nineties are back in vogue. Ebola? Sooo 2015. Now we’ve got the Zika virus, which may have come from Brazil, but with a few pregnant women in the Midwest getting it, maybe the portal to the End may have come at last.

Or maybe not. If we’ve survived the Black Plague, the Potato Famine and affluenza, then maybe we’ll be okay in the long run. But next time you want to gear up for the next disaster, here’s some handy rules for bringing the mind over matter.

  1. Breathe Deeply:  Panic starts when we throw reason out the window no matter what the circumstance. When everyone is sick around you, you take a step back, check your vitals and take care of yourself. There is no need to burn anything with fire until absolutely necessary, which is when everyone starts getting well again. If you can take five minutes to read a internet story about the virus, you can take five minutes to get some perspective on where you are and how you’re feeling.
  1. Offer Yourself and Others Reassurance:  You know that lady in the office who you avoid talking to because if you get trapped you’re going to end up hearing about her ovarian polyps or the complications from her lap band surgery? We avoid her for many reasons, particularly because there are things you don’t want to think about while you’re eating your salmon and quinoa but mostly because when faced with the problems of the world, you want some hope to go on the side of that quinoa. Pessimism and negativity spread faster than any virus.
  1. Be Prepared in the Future:  What are you doing now to prepare yourself for a future with problems? I’m not talking about starting that underground bunker or starting that YouTube doomsday channel. I’m talking about having basic preparation around you. What kind of first aid kit do you have? Ever hear of a book called Where There is No Doctor? Written by David Werner, it’s a fascinating source of information of what to do when we don’t have the luxury of a doctor near by. There’s a chance we’ll never need actual emergency supplies, but in the event we do, look for things you can keep on hand.
  1. Keep yourself healthy on a regular basis:  Know how whenever someone gets sick around the office, its just a matter of time before everyone else is? That’s because we’re really just sponges waiting for the next virus to absorb and can’t wait for the chance for the next parade of them that’s just around the corner. So do whatever little things you can to keep yourself healthy and on guard. Washing your hands, drinking herbal tea, keeping a regular exercise regiment are all preventative measures. Our bodies are temples and not the weird kind which get covered on National Geographic specials. Also, vaccinate your kids for crying out loud.
  1. Perspective:  And if you don’t have some, then get some. We as humans have survived everything. Its why we’re still here after thousands of years. The best part is that when plague and pestilence come, and despite what loss we’ll endure, we still survive. Value what’s really important. I’ll give you a hint, its not the new Apple Watch. In the event that this Zika thing becomes a bigger threat than it currently is, we’ll figure out what to do but the right way to go about things won’t be to panic by setting your neighbor’s car on fire or wearing nothing but plastic wrap to protect you from whatever radioactivity might be on the horizon.

The next plague or disaster is always just around the corner, but its what you do with yourself that can make a possible Apocalypse a little less hard.

Want to learn more about surviving an apocalypse with as little effort as possible? Get The Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse and 50 Shades of Greg today!

Be Your Own Penguin of Happiness

I decided this morning that I am going to be part of the change I want to see.
I want to see kindness sweep over the world, taking people unawares and changing a billion lives in a billion little ways from a million little gestures.

I will no longer read or share stories of problems without solutions. I will only share stories of people who have found a way to help or fix things that are wrong to inspire us all to do whatever little bit we can.

Campaigns come and go. Scandals come and go. 99% of the things that show up in my Facebook Trending News are worthless and uninteresting escapades of celebrities who have little right to claim that name.
What remains are people like you and me, and the choices we make every day, every hour.
Complaining is not conversation. Choose to look at your problems as opportunities for solutions. It struck me recently that while people often tell me that they are having a “bad day,” I never think to myself that I am having a “bad day.”
Honestly, I never have a “bad day.” I have days where there are a lot of problems to solve, or I am sick, or I am anxious, or something didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, or someone is mean to me. But that never seems to color my whole day black.
Maybe it’s because I choose to see it as just a problem that I can figure out how to deal with. Is this trying to rationalize away my emotions? Yes…and no. I definitely feel the anger, frustration, hurt, and pain. But, I also choose to be in control of it. I refuse to be passive in letting my emotions rule me willy-nilly.
I always say, “You can’t choose what happens to you, but you can ALWAYS choose how you deal with it.”
I have yet to see anything that could sway me from that position.
I don’t have “bad days.” I have a day where I am thankful to be alive and able to experience the world, and yeah, there are some things to deal with, but the alternative is not being around to experience anything…so now you see why I have no bad days.
Now, I am taking that philosophy to the world and what I share with the world, and what I want the world to share with me.
If you see something in the world you can’t fix, find something you can right next to you. We are humanity cradled in a web of joy, sorrow, catastrophe, and greatness. There is no person untouched.
This bricklayer probably passed his whole life never imagining this sort of thing could happen to him. But one small act of compassion and sharing of his own resources not only saved this little bird’s life, but created a story that has swept the world and reminds us all today to reach out and do something kind.
So, that’s that. Choose happiness, gratitude, courage, and control. Be kind, share kind, give kind…and, maybe, just maybe we’ll find our own penguin of happiness.

Dark Side of the Rainbow by Rita Hogan


Two lives, forced together by past events and present choices, find themselves navigating through the murky waters of blame and desire.

Years have passed since Olivia Nelson’s brother’s fatal accident. The day Jacob died, she swore to impose penance upon Landon Gray, the one responsible for his death. Armed with a plan of retribution, Olivia transforms herself into Brooke Johnson, an up-and-coming photographer. She arrives in Argentina’s Patagonia, prepared to make the hospitality magnate pay for the life he destroyed.

Landon Gray has suffered greatly from his guilt, longing only to be forgiven for his harrowing mistake. After the accident, Landon fled Portland, Oregon to his family’s holdings in South America. Upon Brooke Johnson’s arrival at Landon’s resort, he is immediately drawn to the talented photographer.

When Olivia sees Landon again, she is pricked by shadows of doubt. Determined to see her meticulous planning come to fruition, she stays the course, until tragedy strikes once more.

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A Moment of Uncertainty
That night Olivia dreamt of Landon.
The two of them were huddled at a secluded table at the Espresso Room. The din of the other customers’ conversations was barely noticeable. Her shift had been over for the last hour and the couple was engrossed in a discussion of their own.
Realizing it was nearly time to close, Landon asked Olivia if she would like to go for a walk.
Reaching for her bag, she stood. “Sure, we can take a walk through the Pearl District.”
They strolled silently alongside each other, their strides in sync. It was evening, but the district was alive with people milling through the main thoroughfare. They could hear the sultry sound of a street musician’s saxophone playing a familiar song. An assortment of food smells escaped from the various restaurants that lined the bustling sidewalks.
After a few minutes of taking in the sights, sounds, and aroma of life in the Pearl District, Landon was the first to speak. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know you these past two months, Olivia.”
She looked at the attractive young man who had been somewhat of a mystery to her since his arrival in Portland. During the summer, she had become accustomed to seeing him at the Espresso Room; the last few weeks she found herself looking at the door every time the bell jingled to see if it was him. When he strolled through the door each day, she felt something shift inside her. “I’ve enjoyed getting to know you too, Landon.”
Suddenly, he stopped to face her. He looked at her for the longest time, warmth filling his hazel eyes. The moment seemed to stretch on toward a lifetime, with the promise of a full and wonderful journey.
The tender look on his face matched the words he spoke. “I haven’t made the best choices in my short life, Olivia. I’ve recently come to realize how true it is. You make me want to be a better person, the kind of man that would make you proud. Do you know why that’s important to me?”
Olivia was speechless, overwhelmed by the weightless wonder her soul felt upon hearing his words. There was more, and the girl on the verge of womanhood felt exquisite anticipation of what Landon would say next.
“I’m falling in love with you, Olivia. You’ve captured my heart and I want to give every part of who I am to you.”
Slowly, Landon began to move closer toward her, holding her gaze as his mouth slowly descended upon hers. She didn’t resist but gladly accepted the kiss he bestowed. How wonderful it felt to have his lips on hers. Slowly, he pulled away to gauge her reaction.
When their eyes met, Olivia gasped as she stared into the face of the older, broken version of Landon, the man she had been reunited with days ago. Everything leading up to her journey to Patagonia came crashing down upon her. She saw the two cars racing down the causeway, her brother lying dead beneath the colorful rainbow, and Landon standing before her unscathed.
With all the fury she felt, Olivia raised her hand, slapping him hard across the face.
His hazel eyes, which had given her glimpses into his broken soul, were now stung with tears and great sorrow, void of all hope.
Olivia sat up in her bed gasping for air, crying out Landon’s name. Her mind was frantically searching for the boy she had met that long-ago summer, desperately wanting him to return to her. Sweat glistened on her forehead while tears formed pools of pain and confusion in her eyes. The words of her father, wishing she would forgive Landon, flooded her mind. He’s suffering too, Olivia, she heard him saying in his deep baritone voice.
Switching on the lamp beside her bed, she stood and walked toward the bathroom to splash cold water on her face. As she dried her pale smooth skin with a soft towel, Olivia looked at herself in the mirror. Earlier, that night in the dining room when Landon had looked at her, she couldn’t place the expression. Now she knew. His light, the vibrancy she had seen in him all those weeks that long ago summer, was gone.
“I don’t know if I can do this,” she half-groaned to herself.


About the author

Rita Hogan is a novelist and business manager with a degree in business from Dallas Baptist University. In 2012, she hand-wrote her first full length novel and has been writing ever since. As an author, it is her greatest joy to walk a reader through the hardships of life feeling as if they have gained more than they have lost, to illustrate with words a backdrop for the hurt that is a very real place for us all, and to phrase for readers the beauty of the moments in between.

Rita currently resides in the St. Louis metro area with her husband Joel and her son Sean. She is a finalist in CrossBook’s and Westbow’s 2014 writing contests. The Dark Side of the Rainbow is her first published work.

Miss ChickLit 2015: Stephanie Starr



Our Host steps out onto the stage and accepts the mic from Milly (or was it Stacie?) with a grateful nod. If he smells a little like vodka, well Milly (or Stacie) can’t really say anything about it. She also has to fight the urge to shield her eyes from the glare from his overly-whitened teeth.

Music cue. Generic pageant swooping fanfare. Spotlight on Our Host, who is smiling beatifically at the audience and swaying ever so slightly on his feet.

“Welcome to the Miss ChickLit Pageant 2015! Wait, isn’t that a gum? Do they even make Chicklets any more? Hey, look at all those people in the wings! How ya’ doin’ tonight?”

A harried production assistant skitters out onto the stage and turns Our Host back to facing front while whispering intently in his ear. 

“Oh, what? It’s a book thing? Why would they name books after chewing gum?”

More whispering.

“Well, okay, if you say so. I still think there’s something to my chewing gum theory.”

A few additional whispers and an urgent gesture.

“Okay, well then. Let’s meet our contestant over here. Come on out Miss…Stephanie Starr!”

Our Host hums “Starry Starry Night” to himself as he wobbles gently in place. A young woman in a long-sleeve t-shirt, skinny jeans, and chucks comes out on stage. She steps up to the mic and clears her throat nervously.


“Uh, hi. I’m Stephanie Starr. I think I’m in the wrong place – I am probably supposed to be over in Ballroom B for the Miss YA Paranormal Romance Heroine Pageant, but my manager, Cait Reynolds – yeah, that’s her over there. Hi Cait! – said this would be good experience for me. So, um. Here I am.”

Stephanie glances over at Our Host and looks confused. Our Host has just gotten to the good part of “Starry Starry Night” and is putting his heart and soul into his humming.

She leans forward and whispers into the mic.

“Is he okay? Oh, I should just keep going? Okay. Right. So, I’m Stephanie Starr. I like flowers, Hot Pockets, and the god of the dead.”

Stephanie looks to Our Host to be prompted for the interview question. However, he has now moved onto humming “Time to Say Goodbye.” The production assistant rushes out on stage and gives Our Host a little shake. He thrusts a piece of paper in front of Our Host’s nose and flees back to the wings. Somewhere, the god of production assistants sheds a tear.

Our Host squints at the paper.

“Wait, what’s this? Huh? Why am I asking chewing gum about obstacles?”

“Uh, sir? I think you’re supposed to ask me about obstacles?”

“Who are you? You don’t look like a Chicklet.”

“Well, I’m supposed to be over in Ballroom B for Miss YA Paranormal Romance.”

“I’ve never heard of that brand of gum before.”

“Why don’t you ask me what’s written on the paper? Maybe we can figure out together if it has something to do with chewing gum.”

“Brilliant! Ten million points to Miss Chicklet!”


“Miss Chicklet Starr!”


Our Host holds the paper at arm’s length and reads the question into the mic.

“What is the greatest obstacle you’ve faced in life and how did you deal with it?”

“Well, I would like to think that my greatest obstacle in life was Jordan Laughlin. But, then my mom kind of slipped a cog when I started dating Haley Smith, the god of the dead, and so my greatest obstacle turned out to be trying to save my town from being destroyed while convincing Mom it was okay for me to go out with a boy.

You know, it would be really easy for me to say that I dealt with everything by looking inside and finding my inner strength of character and all that stuff, and yeah, I did do all that. But, to be completely honest, I couldn’t have done it without my friends: super science girl Helen Jenkins and weather geek extraordinaire Morris Chow. Oh, and the stand-in quarterback Zack Smith, and the new assistant librarian Katie Jones.”

Three faint yips are heard from backstage.

“And yes, Cerberus, too.”

Swimsuit entry


Our Host fills the time between Stephanie’s answer and her changing into the swimsuit by doing his signature trick with three balls and a monkey. This does not go over as well as he had hoped, mostly because it’s not the kind of trick you do on national television. (No monkeys were violated in the performance of this trick. We regretfully cannot say the same of Our Host.)

Stephanie comes out and spins around, showing off her swimsuit. She steps up to the mic and grins.

“Well, since my boyfriend is the god of the dead…wow, it’s cold out here. I’ll be right back. I’m going to put on some sweats.”


The production assistant has procured a stool for Our Host to sit down on. The problem is now that Our Host is trying to get the audience to sing along with him to “Copa Cabana” and is having some success. There is no reason for him to sit down now. 

Stephanie comes out on stage carrying an armful of flowers. She stops and stares at Our Host then shares a look with the production assistant. Our Host begins to shimmy. She sighs.

“Well, I was going to do flower arranging, as I work after school in the floral department of Whole Foods, but I think he needs these more than I do.”

She deftly arranges a few lilies and ferns into a magnificent headdress and plops it on Our Host’s head. Stephanie drops a curtsey, grins, and scampers off to text Cait that she is heading over to Ballroom B.

Want to be a Beauty Queen, too?

The production assistant takes the mic from Our Host and shuffles a bunch of papers on his clipboard until he finds the one he wants. He clears his throat and begins to speak.

“In celebration of ChickLitMay, we are giving away a beauty gift card! Depending on where you live, you might win:

$100US/Canada winner – $100 gift card to Sephora

UK winner – £65 gift card to Lush Cosmetics

Australia winner – $125AUD to Mecca

In order to win, you must leave a comment on this post answering the same question as Stephanie did (“What is the greatest obstacle you’ve faced in life and how did you deal with it?”) and providing your email address.

You must provide an email address so we know how to contact you if you win. (Don’t worry, I won’t be adding you to any automatic mailing lists or anything like that. This is a no-strings giveaway!)

Now, for the beautiful part: You can enter to win on every blog you visit for the Miss ChickLit 2015 Pageant – that’s 18 chances to win!

A winner will be chosen via Random.org on Monday, May 18th.”

The production assistant sighs, rolls his eyes, and leaves Our Host – who is now signing “I Made it Through the Rain” – onstage to enjoy himself. The lights go down, and everyone vaguely wonders what just happened and if they can sneak into Ballroom C where the Miss Alien Sexpot Princess Pageant is going on.

Want to learn more about Stephanie Starr? Pick up Downcast on May 28!

 An innocent young woman becomes ensnared in a web of young love and strange truths, and nothing and no one can save her from the darkness that wants her.
Pre-order now from Amazon!





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Downcast – Amazon Pre-Order!

I’m kind of loving the fact that today is both the start of Amazon pre-order for Downcast and Marathon Monday in Boston.

I haven’t missed going to a Boston Marathon yet to cheer the runners and wheelchair racers on. In some ways, Downcast is my personal marathon, having taken 4 1/2 years to write. (Don’t worry, the sequel is going much more smoothly LOL…)

Without further ado, here is the pre-order for Kindle link on Amazon. I will let everyone know when the print version is also available. Enjoy!


downcastAbout Downcast

What would you do when faced with an impossible truth? Written with heart and passion, Downcast by Cait Reynolds is ripe with twists you never saw coming and love that defies the odds in this intense new Paranormal Romance retelling one of mythology’s greatest love stories.

It’s the start of Stephanie Starr’s senior year of high school, but sadly, this is no life of the prom queen. Stuck at the bottom of the high school social totem pole, Stephanie is forced by her domineering mother to wear lumpy linen dresses and eat organic tofu for lunch in a world of mini-skirts and pizza.

What Stephanie doesn’t anticipate is gorgeous and cocky Haley Smith who breaks social convention and pursues her with a determination that is both terrifying and flattering. Afraid that Haley is simply trying to set her up for massive humiliation, Stephanie does her best to push him away. But the more attention he pays to her, the more she runs, and the more everyone else begins to notice.
Instead of a loving family to support her as the mean girls make their play, Stephanie’s mother begins to unravel mentally, her possessiveness of Stephanie spiraling to new and frightening extremes. Stephanie is forced to grow up, find herself, and learn the truth about her past in order to save her mother, her friends, and her town. When the truth is revealed, nothing can prepare her for the outrageous reality of her existence…and nothing can save her from her fate.

Except Haley.