50 Shades of Greg by Daphne Lamb now available on Amazon!

Mr. Right is hard to find in an Apocalypse. But, Mr. Right Now just won’t go away.

I am so psyched and thrilled to announce the released of 50 Shades of Greg by my good friend and fellow Fabulous Fictionista, Daphne Lamb.

50SOG_cv_HRIt’s the end of the world as we know it, and Verdell is just okay.

In this bitingly funny short story follow-up to The Girl’s Guide to the Apocalypse, Daphne Lamb gives us a glimpse of dating in a new world disorder.

The handful of survivors of a viral Incident (thanks, infected transplant organs from China) are scraping by and dealing with water rationing and oddly-named street gangs, among other things. Still, girls just want to have fun. Verdell’s housemates drag her to a club – the height of post-Incident chic in an abandoned gas station with a battery-powered CD player, and a ‘bar’ serving drinks that taste suspiciously like gasoline.

Verdell finds it’s not so bad to let loose for one night. It’s the morning after when she finds a random Greg in her bed that is the problem.
When Greg decides she’s the love of his life and takes drastic steps to prove it, she realizes post-apocalyptic dating has new rules that are as crazy as the survivors.

Get 50 Shades of Greg now at Amazon!