I Pantsed a Book Title, and Pierre Bupres Made it Work

Angel Hands BD PressI will admit this right from the start: I suck at coming up with titles. Usually, I leave the dirty work to my friend Britt, who is amazing at picking a title that reflects exactly what I meant.

For example, I nicknamed my first book “Underworld Queen” because I couldn’t think of anything, and I had to save the document with a name. I complained about this to Britt, and she paused for a moment and came back with, “Downcast.” Just. Like. That. Incidentally, she also came up with the series name for Olympus Falling.

No, you cannot have Britt. She is MINE!

“Angel Hands” was supposed to be the same thing. I was supposed to just use it as a nickname until I could come up with something better. Except, it ended up sticking.

I wrote the first chapter of the story and went to save it. It asked for a name for the document. I let my mind flip through random words and images. The word “Angel” came up a couple of times in my thoughts, mostly to reflect the Angel of Music that the Phantom portrays himself as. Then, the idea of music gave me the image of hands playing the piano.

As a result, I came up with “Angel Hands,” fully intending to ask Britt for something better later.

Well, later came closer and closer, and I was writing the final chapters of the book. I was frankly starting to get a little worried about the title. I hadn’t asked Britt, and I hadn’t thought of anything better.

Then, Pierre Bupres, the cheeky little bugger (and if you read “Angel Hands,” you’ll understand why I say he’s a cheeky little bugger), unexpectedly explained the title to me in one of the final scenes.

To say that I was floored by the real meaning of “Angel Hands” would be an understatement. I tried to reason with Pierre that he really shouldn’t be saying things like that because I was going to change the title.

Pierre winked at me and kept on talking. No wonder the Phantom wanted to strangle him on a regular basis.

So, there you have it. The title of “Angel Hands” was a total accident that ended up having meaning.

But, you’ll have to read the book to find out what that meaning is…and why I love and can’t stand Pierre Bupres at the same time.

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